Success Stories



Tek, Nirmala & Binisha


Tek, Nirmala and their daughter Binisha were one of the very first families to join our ReCover Program. When they heard about the program, what it could do, and what it could provide for their family, they saw how big this opportunity could be. Being a young couple they saw this as more than just shelter, they saw an opportunity to leverage what they had into future shelter and financial resource. 

First they gathered every resource they could find and made sure they were ready when the program launched. Through the program they built a beautiful cut-stone 1 story home for themselves and (at the time) 3 year old Binisha.  

From here they set about raising money for the remaining stages of their vision. They split their one story home into two rooms. On one side the three of them made their small living quarters. On the other Nirmala launched her tea shop, a new spot for locals and passers-by to get tea, cookies, coffee, or a soda. Suddenly, they had become a two income household with Tek picking up construction and portering work. 

Within a year they were able to put on a second floor and now the family lives upstairs. Downstairs are both a tea shop and a goods and wares shop.  A family with vision on the rise. We could not be more proud of their accomplishments.

“Without a safe place to stay, we cannot really do anything; we can not focus on farming or any other work.”

— Tek