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Dedicated to dignity.


Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.


In 2015 well over 1/2 a million families lost their homes in Nepal during 2 devastating earthquakes. Since that time we have been working collaboratively with the families of a remote mountain village to rebuild their homes and their lives.



We work in collaboration with every family in our program and our ground partners, each of us bringing our resources to the table, to get to the end goal: a safe home.

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Capacity Building

Through engineer-lead construction training workshops, the community's knowledge and capacity for building strong structures now and into the future is growing. 

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Economic Growth

The effects of this large-scale project reach far beyond safe shelter. It has created jobs of all types, which in turn is building new markets in the region.

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Our program goes the extra kilometer to make sure woman and marginalized caste families are represented and fully supported. 

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Empowering Families.

A well-built home is more than a place to grow your family. It is a major asset, collateral and a bargaining chip toward a brighter future.


Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

Since our inception, we have dedicated all our resources to positive change in the regions where we work.