Success Stories



Mir Bahadur


Mir and his two sons had a severely damaged and dangerous two story home when they heard about the ReCover Program. Being over 80 years old he was worried about getting into a new home both for his own sake and his sons. He and one of his sons had both lost their wives and after going through the earthquakes, life was looking bleak. However they didn't give up. When the community initiated the rebuilding program, Mir made sure he was everywhere that Nivas staff was, digging into the ways he could rebuild his home back stronger and what resources he might be able to access.  

He wanted to understand every aspect of his role in building his new home and how he could get started immediately.

The three had been sharing unsafe temporary shelter and they knew this was no way to live out the rest of their days. 

After a lot of creative thinking, Mir had a plan for how he would bring his share of the resources to the partnership with Nivas; identified the materials he could recycle from his own home, ways he would manage getting the gravel made, the land cleared and ready and so on. As a team we launched into construction and today Mir and his sons have a sturdy and welcoming new home. We couldn't be more proud of the partnership and of Mir's conviction and ability to adapt to new ideas in order to achieve his goals. 


The beginning of something new.