Jamuna & Prem


It all started…

When we first met Jamuna and her husband Prem they were coming up against one major roadblock to building their family a home. They had been living on rented land in a structure built of whatever objects they could find: old boards, pieces of tin, and left-over packaging. They weren’t technically homeowners, so they didn’t technically qualify to rebuild their home with any program.

The guidelines for building a safe home with earthquake resilient materials make the cost of a decent home well outside the reach of many families in rural Nepal. Luckily, by combining their own savings and sweat equity with your donations, together we were able to create a solution for Jamuna, Prem, and their two kids.

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Today Pabitra and Padam are both studying in school and their parents are proud to own a lovely little spot near the new road through the village.

Everything has changed.

before final paint

before final paint

Alice Carfrae-94sm.jpg