Globally so many people are excluded from development because of their sex, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, poverty, and other socio-cultural factors. South Asia is no exception. Gender and caste discrimination stand out significantly in the regions where we work, so we have made it our mission to provide inclusivity to all, which often means going above and beyond to ensure agency and ownership for those who would otherwise be left out of the conversation.



Each of our partner communities has a women's group that comes together to combine voices in order to lobby for their own unique needs and rights within the village district. Through collaboration we are able to understand the inner workings and necessities of the region on a deeper level, and to combine resources in a more impactful way.


all the single ladies

Single women hold a low social position within South Asian cultures. This reduces their access to resources and opportunities. The busy nature of their daily lives, running a household on their own, mean limits on their time resources as well. Nivas is committed to ensuring that all single women and mothers succeed within our programs. Sometimes all it takes is a promise to those who are usually cut out of the process to set a new trajectory toward inclusive development: "We're not going anywhere".

Stay tuned for more stories of demographic inclusivity in our ReCover Nepal Program.

Stay tuned for more stories of demographic inclusivity in our ReCover Nepal Program.



Our Single Women and Mothers program allows women within our communities to enact their knowledge and skills. Debata oversaw the construction of her beautiful home above (which now has shutters and doors) and determined the design according to her family's needs and future business goals. Without special consideration of the unique talents and abilities of women, she and others like her might get pushed to the side as their value is not commonly understood.