Economic Growth

Rural economic growth is foundational to positive forward momentum. Our projects catalyze economic growth by creating demand for professional services, skilled labor, construction materials, food production, and hospitality services.  The financial infusion goes beyond the parameters of the project and is inspiring entrepreneurship and innovation at the village level. 


Job creation

If many hands make light work, then many hands and minds combined make great work.We feel lucky to have people with expert skills and unlimited energy on our team. We hire within the village for local management, masonry, woodworking, sand and stone extraction, and much much more; the district level for project oversight and engineering; country level for project management. Just as critical within this framework, we create jobs for individuals where there were none before. One example is our women's portering program which opens up opportunities for women to earn income where options are otherwise very limited. 


Entrepreneurship & innovation

A life-changing opportunity like a partnership to build a new home has been seen by many in the village as a chance to make a leap into a whole new life. New entrepreneurs have taken their new home and leveraged it toward income-generating opportunities. Tek and Nirmala (shown here) have created two businesses plus a living space within their new structure. Now they're earning income from their tea shop and renting to a shopkeeper selling goods. Their new space is keeping them warm and dry while also helping them send Binisha to school and save for a bright future. This type of holistic outlook is what makes our work about much more than simply buildings. 



village development 

The village is changing as more and more families venture into business ownership through their new structures. Main street is hopping now with businesses cropping up right and left. Here a new shopkeeper leans on the gate of her store as locals swing by to pick up what they need. As more and more people hear that Dhamku now has places to eat, shop and stay, more local traffic may be drawn to the area and hopefully tourists may see Dhamku as a pit stop while they trek along the historic route to Everest.