Get Involved 

There are many ways you can help Nivas grow our impact and reach more kids and families. It takes people like you, sharing your resources and energy, to make this world the place we want it to be. 


Matching Gifts


Many companies have matching gift programs for their employees to show their staff and clients that they care about the greater good. Check to see if yours does and double your impact. Though it's not exhaustive, here's a list of some of the major employers who match donations. More information →



Join the team by becoming a Crowdrise Team Member! We love our team! They tend to really become a part of the family. Each one has a unique way of spreading the word about the work and raising support for more families. Some make it part of their business model, for others it's a piece of their yearly mission.    More information →


Student Drive

Get your kids involved! Students learn a lot about international cultures, geography and economics by teaming up with Nivas. We work directly with schools to create unique educational programs for students of all ages.  Kids expand their horizons by learning about life in Nepal, Skyping with our staff there, figuring out currencies, construction challenges, and more. It's so much fun! Contact us to learn more about our program with International Towne.  Contact Us →

Monthly Donation


Donating monthly is a way of committing a piece of yourself and your resources to doing truly good things for others, plus it's easy and helps us make stronger commitments to the families we impact. We won't compare it to giving up so many lattes a month or anything like that, because we believe what our monthly donors are doing is something MUCH bigger than that. Additionally, if they're running a campaign, Global Giving will match your donation. Visit our Global Giving Page to set up a monthly/ recurring donation and to see more about GG's incentives. 

Corporate SR


Corporate sponsorship allows Nivas to make stronger and more long term commitments to our partner communities. Making an impact on a family and a community living in difficult conditions is an amazing thing to do day-to-day within your business. Partnering with Nivas is a way to show staff and clients that your firm cares about building a better world. Click to see how your firm can improve your brand and extend the impact you make.  More information →

Sponsor a Family


What more meaningful thing to do this year than build a home for a family in need? By donating $1250 either as a single donation or in monthly installments of $105, you'll provide an entire family with the thing they need most right now and for years to come. This is also a great thing to do as a team or from one family to another.  Your sponsored family will be elated to know that they can start a new life in a new home, and you will receive feedback from them so you know for sure. Email our executive director to discuss. Or simply set up your sponsorship below. 

Sponsor a Family