status: current program

ReCover Nepal: Nuwakot


Women building back stronger.


We have joined with single mothers and women with disabilities to rebuild better, stronger, and with dignity in Nuwakot District. Stay tuned as they create their dream homes.


View from above one of our partner family’s current home.


Project Details


This program is founded on the same tenets as our ReCover Dhamku program, yet it dives deeper to help even more marginalized families get what they need to create a safe and prosperous life. Not only are we helping them build the homes and become the homeowners they never thought they could be, we are also investing in their ability to sustain their family going forward. We are providing training on the livelihood generation skills of their choice and investing in their future income through seed capital.

The cost per family is $5,000 to cover construction, all trainings, and seed investment.